Digital Stage: A innovative Medium for the Arts

Digital Stage provides an audio-video system for music, theater, dance and performance in an excellent 48 kHz audio quality. This technology enables collaborative real time music-making, rehearsing, practicing, teaching and performing via the Internet.

Common video conferencing systems are usually voice-optimized, suppress quiet noises, and produce a high transmission latency. As a result, they offer extremely limited possibilities for collaborative working in music and other forms of art. Digital Stage provides easy-to-use software and web-systems with minimal transmission latency and excellent audio and video quality for artistic collaboration in various disciplines. Additionally, Digital Stage aims to build up a strong community of mutual support, working on creating a non-profit and low-barrier space for working, rehearsing and performing art via the Internet.

Digital Stage emerged in 2020 as an initiative from the German government’s #WirVsVirus hackathon. The project was initially developed by the !KF – Institute for Artistic Research Berlin and the International Theatre Institute, in December 2021 it was transformed in the non-profit company Digitale Bühne gGmbH. Starting as an initiative with about 100 participants, the project has grown into a multidisciplinary network that currently includes more than 70 institutions.

I have been working as head of the support department at Digital Stage since January 2021.